[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Small businesses depend on ICANN being transparent and fair!

David Chippendale david at chip.studio
Mon Feb 10 23:04:24 UTC 2020

We are a small business that depends on .COM domains to properly represent
our digital properties. Many of these addresses are exploratory, and an up
to 70% increase in registration prices will stifle our ability to
explore new opportunities and innovate.

Too much has been said about the lack of transparency ICANN has
demonstrated throughout this renegotiation process - and it is worrisome
that an organization that claims to align itself with the pillars of a free
and open internet, would pursue such changes in private. Your choices
represent a further commercialization of the internet, and it is a damn
shame an organization such an ICANN joins the ranks of big tech with this
decision today.

ICANN should represent public good not corporate greed! Be transparent! Be

The Chip Studio Team

Signed David Chippendale, CEO
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