[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .COM amendment

Jeremy Smith jeremy at jeremysmithdesign.com
Tue Feb 11 00:09:21 UTC 2020

I'm writing to request that any .COM amendments be presented to the ICANN 
community and Internet users for feedback and consideration before details 
are finalized and implemented. Additionally, I think it would be sound 
judgement for there to be requirements on how ICANN spends the additional 
$20 million over 5 years. Domain infrastructure would be a good place to 
spend it, and a third party verifying appropriate spending and progress of 
work being done would be a good idea, too.

I get it. Stuff constantly gets more expensive to run and maintain. It's 
reasonable for ICANN to be able to cover the cost of fufilling it's various 
roles, and that consumers would adopt an appropriate proportion of 
necessary increases, but this sort of back room, secret agreement business 
isn't good for the overall community and it certainly breeds distrust.

Please operate with honesty and integrity. A lot of us depend on you and 
the services you provide. Thanks.

Jeremy Smith

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