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Shawn R. FitzGerald shawn at srfitzgerald.com
Tue Feb 11 15:13:32 UTC 2020

If there were competition among operators of the same TLD space, the market
would regulate pricing and the Internet would be safe from wild and varied
price changes.
But that's not what we have. Instead, Verisign has been granted a monopoly
on the .COM TLD space, and so competition cannot temper prices. With this
proposal, Verisign will be able to increase pricing, unchecked, to levels
that will have noteworthy impact on both small business and enterprise. It
cannot be allowed.

In the absence of competition, costs must be kept as low as possible.
Allowing this increase would be abuse.

Shawn R. FitzGerald
shawn at srfitzgerald.com
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