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Jacqueline McGinn jacquimcginn at icloud.com
Mon Feb 10 22:16:55 UTC 2020

Dear sir or madam

I was alerted to the issue of .com fees being raised by my provider Namecheap.  I see no logical reason why domain names should be charged at any higher rate than they currently are.  The amount of website addresses globally must surely mean that revenue increases yearly in any case and is a highly sustainable business model in itself.  

Increasing the prices is a barrier to small businesses like myself and to non-profits organisations and charities.  It serves no higher purpose to charge any more for domain names and is a disservice to people who rely on websites for their livelihood. 

I implore you to think with logic, compassion and emotional intelligence about the effects of this change on those who use .com websites.  I also urge you to reflect on the true intentions for these changes.  An increase in prices cannot be to improve functionality for users because the price has no bearing on that.  Therefore, who does a price increase actually benefit?  Selfish intentions always come with consequences.  

Yours faithfully
Jacqueline McGinn
Namecheap customer and small business owner

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