[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

Joel Duke jduke0522 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:51:00 UTC 2020

Dear Madam, or Sir,

I am concerned about this amendment to the Registry Agreement because it
will affect, not just me, but any individual who would like their own
domain name. I am 100% sure that no corporation will object to the 28%
cost increase every six years as they earn money off their domain name and
paying almost any amount would be acceptable to them. However, there are a
great deal of small businesses that would see this as a burden as well as
individual users out there that have purchased their own domain name and
are using it for personal use, not commercial use. Several of us have
multiple domain names, if for no other reason than to protect our own names
from being used to run a website.
20 year Cost analysis:
$ 7.85 / year 2018
$10.29 / year 2023 (31% increase over 2018)
$13.49 / year 2029 (72% increase over 2018)
$17.68 / year 2035 (125% increase over 2018)
$23.17 / year 2041 (195% increase over 2018)
I am aware that the 7% is a maximum per year for each of the four years
and, theoretically, there could be no increase or a sub 7% increase some
years, however, I have little faith on this being the norm and, most
certainly, CANNOT plan on it being any less than the full 7% in any fiscal
plans made.
I understand it would be extremely difficult for you to create a
regulation that would charge businesses more and individuals less, however,
that may be what is required at this time. This would leave a loophole for
businesses to have an individual register their domain name, however, no
corporation of any size will be willing to leave their domain names in
private hands.
You may also assume that all ".com" domain names are used for, or are
supposed to be used for commercial purposes, however, this is not the case
today. If this had been defined and enforced from the beginning of the
internet, this would be a non-issue, however, to start enforcing it today
would cause many many individuals to lose their domains. Yes, there are
other top level domains they can move to, however, that doesn't alleviate
the fact that they would be losing an asset they had invested much time,
money, and resources acquiring.
Please keep the annual fee very low or consider a more flexible charging
system for the .COM top level domain that will keep it accessible to
individuals and small businesses.
Thank you,
Joel Duke
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