[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] I STRONGLY oppose increasing prices on .COMs

John Dennis j.dennis at unbundledattorney.com
Mon Feb 10 23:18:49 UTC 2020

To whom it may concern,

This email is to ICANN 

I am sending this email as a record of notice for public comment regarding your proposed price increases to .COM top-level domain prices, as well as allowing for Version to operate as a domain registrar. I STRONGLY oppose this Third Amendment to the .COM Registry Agreement as it would allow for a scenario where Versign, the company that controls 80% of registrar pricing for domain names, to compete with other domain registrars, which is 1.) unfair (provides an unfair advantage) and 2.) completely and utterly a conflict of interest. It is also grossly negligent and unethical. 

Please strongly consider these comments and others made by other individuals and organizations regarding your proposed amendment to the .COM Registry Agreement. 


John Dennis
Unbundled Attorney
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