[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM RA

Nick Ronnei nronnei at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 16:07:16 UTC 2020


I'm writing to express my concern regarding Proposed Amendment 3 (PA3). 
I do not think PA3 is good for the future of the internet despite what 
it may offer in the way of security improvements. There are other, 
better ways to achieve those goals without the dramatic price increases 
the amendment provides for.

The internet is essentially a global public utility. It's not regulated 
as such (who would truly have the authority?), but it should be run as 
such. Since the original changes which froze pricing, it has.

I understand the need of price increases. Running and maintaining DNS 
costs more money now than it did years ago. ICANN doesn't directly 
raise money through the sale of domain names, but operates on donations 
from companies who do. Those companies need to make more money to 
donate more money. All of that is fine. However, the amount and 
scheduling of increases is concerning.

My main concerns are the increase percentage and the scheduling. 
Year-over-year for 4 years followed by only a two year freeze doesn't 
make sense for a utility. It /especially/ doesn't make sense 
considering that the same agreement applies following the total 6 year 

It allows for very significant price changes over the same period of 
time where, historically, we've seen /none/ and during which the 
internet has also matured and become essential in so many ways it never 
was before. That's what we're sacrificing with this strategy—the 
expansive growth and development we've seen over the last 8 years.

Consider 5% every 3 years instead. It's more reasonable, it's more 
gradual, and it reflects increased costs in a more realistic way. The 
current schema is clearly a money grab and it's insulting.

Thank you for reading,
Nick Ronnei
Web Developer

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