[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Amendment 3 to .COM Agreement Concerns

Kyle kyle at intecmarketing.com
Mon Feb 10 22:33:44 UTC 2020

It has come to my attention that it is being considered to increase the TLD (top-level-domain) prices with the passing of Amendment 3.I request that this Amendment being considered is either overturned or reproposed with more considerable restrictions and requirements comparative to Amendment 3 as it stands now. Without reconsideration of Amendment 3, it's passing will assure the stifling and burdensome of many small businesses and recreational users of the like. The beginning process that makes up getting ones self or company is stablished under a .com domain is quite a series of steps and fees as it stands now. Why would we try to complicate and increase burden on the end user who in most cases is trying to contribute to the web and society as a whole with a small business or some sharable content. Making this process harder and more expensive only stifles and shrinks the growth and the spectrum of the world wide web and businesses both small and large. I persuade you to reconsider this amendment and implore you to seek out the public perspective on this matter as my stance is shared by the majority as can be seen on many platforms of stature where communication is prominent and free. Additionally, I would like to invite you to a gathering we will be holding at the capital to point out the hypocrisy and I inconsideration that this amendment poses to the American public. Each business will be sharing wisdom but more importantly detailing their process to get on the web under their own domain and how difficult (or easy) the process was to them and why this amendment particularly is a threat and a hinderance to the internet as a whole as well as the American and even international public alike. Please give us a headcount if you'd like to come so we can account for your party as many vendors and businesses will be giving out items l look forward to your response to each point that has been raised. Best regards,Kyle | inTec Marketing
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