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m.kouwenhoven at binaryrun.com m.kouwenhoven at binaryrun.com
Mon Feb 10 22:52:41 UTC 2020

To whom this may concern,


Please stop this proposal from going forward. The approved increment price-increases in the proposition are harmful for the accessibility of the internet. By allowing a continuous price increase over such an extended period of time, you’d be actively supporting the restriction of ownership of a domain name for those with a lesser income. Not only would this impact those who use a domain name for personal use, it also prohibits those, especially youth on a small budget, who use the internet to start their own small business.


While I completely understand this is may not be your main concern, in many rural countries, such small businesses and entrepreneurship can prove vital to local communities.


I plead with you to please reconsider the proposal as a whole or at the very least, restrict the annual price increase to no more then 2 to 3%, so that those who depend on the accessibility of both .com and the internet, have a better chance.



Matteüs Kouwenhoven

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