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As a new business owner who is counting every cent on his income with baited
breath, the below is quite disturbing and not very nice.  A Little less
parasitic practices would be appreciated




Last month, ICANN, the organization that oversees domain names, announced
significant changes to the contract it has with Verisign, Inc. who operate
the .COM top-level-domain (TLD).

ICANN made these changes in secret, without consulting or incorporating
feedback from the ICANN community or Internet users. Although ICANN has a
history of making similar deals behind closed doors, and also of ignoring
unified opposition against such action, we are focused on leading the fight
against price increases that will harm our customers (and the Internet as a
whole). This is a crucial time to raise our voices given that .COM domains
make up 40% of all registered domain names online.

What does this change mean?

Wholesale registries charge Namecheap a set fee per domain name per year.
According to this new agreement, Verisign will be allowed to increase the
wholesale price to registrars for .COM domains every year for 8 out of the
next 10 years, and the increases don't stop there.

This will mean that .COM wholesale domain prices can grow by more than 70%
over and above current prices over the next decade. The contract also allows
for other price increases, which could drive prices up further, ultimately
making .COM domains less accessible and more expensive for everybody.

Why is ICANN doing this?

Alongside these contract changes, Verisign agreed to pay ICANN an additional
$20 million dollars over five years to support ICANN's domain name system
initiatives, without any clarity about how ICANN will spend the money, or
who will ensure that the funds are properly spent on domain infrastructure. 


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