[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Raising .com prices?

Jon Fox jonpf239 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:35:09 UTC 2020

So I got this email from Namecheap, pointing out all the metrics as to what
ICANN and Verisign are about to do to the world of domain owners,
particularly .com owners.  This seems so greedy and ruthless to remove caps
on prices just cause there could be more money.

If the prices keep going up on .com domains I think there are tons of
people who blog that will have to rethink the value of what they have at
their websites and I would have to remove all my sites because of the
rising costs.  It is just a shame that the freedom of choosing a domain
name under .com is about to turn into an expensive undertaking, many many
websites will cease to exist and those customers will be lost forever.
Where you would get the rich to remain, tons of websites may shut down and
you may loose huge numbers of paying customers, don't see the wisdom in

As I am trying to learn to grow my eCommerce website into a nice eBay
alternative where I could just sell from my own, I never even gave it any
thought when buying the theme and plugins needed, that one day we won't
believe how much it is going cost yearly for the name.  This just saddens
me, I have been writing to www.jonpfox.com for several years now and enjoy
not a ton but some pretty good visitors, I would have to take years of work
down because everything offered there is free.

Now after reading about this information from Namecheap I am saddened, so
sick of greediness in this world, just makes it harder and harder for an
average site owner to want to continue.  Please keep price caps and stop
wanting to be trillionaires.

Jon P Fox

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