[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .COM Price Increase

Jack Stromberg jstromberg256 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 00:44:17 UTC 2020


I'm writing to express concern around the new .com price increase.

I run a personal blog every year that results in a net loss every year, but
gives back to communities, just the way the internet used to be and was
founded on (sharing knowledge).  In addition, I have several domain names
for hobbies that have helped me learn new technologies.  In these cases,
the domain increase further adds to that burden and prevents individuals
like me from having a chance to free voice and further push my learning
through the internet.

I understand infrastructure is required to handle domain names, but
technology has not only become more efficient but become cheaper.
Increasing efficiency and driving down cost should not result in a higher
priced product, rather it should result in a more adoptable product that
allows others to succeed.

Please reconsider this price increase - ICANN wasn't founded for profit, it
was founded to make the internet and open place for people to learn,
explore, and have a voice.

Thank you,
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