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Brian Neltner neltnerb at mit.edu
Tue Feb 11 16:29:13 UTC 2020


I recommend against allowing any price increases for domain registration. The cost of serving and registering gDNS domain names has gone down, not up. Verizon is making a transparent money grab and you are making yourselves appear complicit.

I am very sincerely worried that if you go down this rabbit hole you will end up neutering ICANN entirely and force people to use alternate gTLD domain name service approaches that will dilute ICANN's authority and ultimately fragment the internet. This is bad for everyone, having a central authority to resolve disputes is very desirable but if you price everyone out I am confident people will work around you. This will further dilute our ability to disrupt foreign propaganda and keep the internet accessible to all, which directly aids authoritarian regimes. And the appearance is that this is just a money grab, which makes it even more embarrassing.

I hope that this is not your intention. Please keep big telecom from further putting a tax on using communication tools despite their costs going down over time. We allowed them a monopoly and that conveys a responsibility to make prices commensurate with providing a public service.

Brian Neltner, Ph.D.
Technical Instructor, MIT
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