[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed amendment 3 to the .com registry agreement: Vote against

Renee Rolle-Whatley DrRenee at rolleihs.com
Tue Feb 11 17:10:35 UTC 2020

Look, the internet is for small business and entrepreneurs.  There are millions of us out there.  These price increases affect the global economy of small business.  It takes small players out of the game and leaves the field open only to those that can continue to support the infrastructure increases necessary to stay the course.  I think we should consider volume of players over monetary increases.  Such significant increases will definitely affect the size of the filed.  Maybe that’s whats behind all of these increases.  It doesn’t make the world more safe or more accessible.  Just continues to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few.

Please reconsider this amendment and vote against it.


Renee Rolle-Whatley

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