[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Public comment on Verisign contract changes re .com

fn-astt at bctip.com fn-astt at bctip.com
Mon Feb 10 23:25:18 UTC 2020

Under this proposal wholesale .com domain prices can grow by more than 70% over and above current prices over the next decade. And those increases do not include increases in exchange rates affecting users of the .com tld outside America.

The proposed increases are excessive; if prices are to be increased the increase should be limited to levels corresponding to cost-of-living increases or inflation as measured in US$. 

The previous rule preventing the operator of .com from operating as a domain name registrar should be retained. Allowing a company that controls almost 85% of the registrar pricing for domain names to operate its own registry would be a bad move affecting consumers and competing registrars.

Please pay attention to all the comments, and do not discount them in favour of any pre-decided conclusions you may have made.

Frank Norman
registrant at bctip.com

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