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As single mother I have worked very hard to help others in the community through starting Healing Hearts Foundation Inc.com. We feed the homeless care for Widows and single mothers who have no one to assist with needs that arise. There was a time when people cared if someone was low on money or food but our society has forgotten humanity. Most of the money that we have used has come of our own pockets as we reached out and fed 100 hungry people for Thanksgiving 2019. Many that joined me were so touched by the many people that were so happy to get a home cooked meal that I was asked to feed people again for Christmas 2019. People came together and fed 150 as well as received cloths to be warm during the cold days that were occurring. So I am asking please do not raise the cost!  These changes that you are attempting to make will make it difficult for us to help the 20,000 homeless that are on the streets of Arizona. We are praying and doing our best to network with other organizations to make a difference in the community by having compassion on the less fortunate. As prices for food, rents and gas climb to inhumane levels these are simply basic needs that we are doing our best to help make a difference by creating employment be it through networking with other business or food banks. We are asking for an opportunity to make a difference where it is so desperately needed. Healing Hearts Foundation Inc.com

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