[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Disapprove of Ammendment 3

Moshe Alfih moshe at microalps.com
Tue Feb 11 00:10:35 UTC 2020

While the internet is complex, mandating changes to the fundamental
building block of the internet is a costly and difficult task. Simply
reading the last page shows how out of touch this agreement is with

* Mandating a disclosure nobody will read and hackers will simply ignore
will not make the internet safer.

* Additionally, domain owners cannot necessarily control the content on
their own site (e.g. social media, hosted subdomains like github) and
certainly should not be penalized for unauthorized content without ample
time to take down

* Registrar operators are not aware of subdomains and cannot possibly
police the misuse.

* Browsers and search engines are already taking an active role in
publishing malware sites with warnings blocking access. They are already
crawling the internet and can take notice and act on a granular level
rather than taking a sledgehammer to an entire domain.

As such,  I stand opposed to Amendment 3.


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