[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com Price Increase

N. Max Pierson nomaxpi at networking.expert
Mon Feb 10 23:04:41 UTC 2020


Thank you for the comment period first off. I think, with the majority of people submitting comments, that the price increase of the .com TLD will cause more harm than good. With expanded branded domains, there’s finally a reason not to necessarily need a .com TLD for commerce sites. This means there will be less competition for names in the .com space due to many getting the name desired without having to pay someone squatting the name they may have wanted with absurd prices along with renewal fee’s on top of that. All this will do is hasten even more to flock to branded domains because the price increases being unreasonable for no apparent reason. It will ultimately make .com less attractive as time goes on. What’s new today will be old tomorrow and the same applies to this instance especially when it costs more.


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