[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Behind Closed-Doors dealing pertaining TAX PAYERS Moneys

Ralph Montague ralph at metisworldwide.com
Mon Feb 10 22:54:45 UTC 2020

We are starting a nationwide political campaign to wrestle away the power given to ICANN, including the ability to do behind-closed-doors deals with private companies.
The proposed increases to the (dot)COM TLD are simply preposterous and abusive.

ICANN unwillingness to disclose the use of these funds (derived from sales to Verisign) indicates highly questionable accounting practices and under-the-table deals.

We are asking the State Dept., and the Department of Justice to open an investigation in the all income and compensations received by all members currently working directly or indirectly under the ICANN umbrella.


Ralph Montague, CEO
Metis Enterprises

BCC: All US Senators
BCC: All Members of the House
BCC: State Dept. of Justice
BCC: The New York Times
BCC: The Washington Post
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