[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comments on Amendment 3

Rick Smith rick at netguerrilla.org
Mon Feb 10 21:49:19 UTC 2020


I own some .COM domains. I just found out about your proposed Amendment 
3. I also just found out that the public comment period has been open 
since Jan. 3rd and has only 4 days remaining. Had it not been for my 
registrar, Namecheap, I would have never known about this. I don't know 
what the issue is with all the secrecy. Perhaps it's the sweetheart deal 
of $20 million you're getting from Verisign. In any case, your proposed 
changes to the .COM TLD pricing structure benefit no one.

Well, I suppose the changes benefit ICANN and Verisign but they 
certainly don't benefit anyone else. The price increases don't benefit 
the registrars because they'll just have to pass the price increases on 
to the registrants. And the price increases don't benefit the 
registrants. They'll either have to eat the price increases or pass them 
along as a cost of doing business to their customers. My suggestion is 
that you do the right thing and keep the .COM pricing structure the way 
it is.

Rick Smith

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