[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

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Mon Feb 10 22:52:44 UTC 2020



As the owner of multiple .com domains, both personally for my own small
business and managing this as part of my job role day to day for work also,
I find it totally disrespectful that you have chosen to even consider a
financial offering from Verisign of this magnitude to allow for what is
proposed to be a huge hike in .com wholesale domain prices of potentially up
to 70% increase. The new TLD's are already extortionate and should have
helped expand the web, instead it has been seen as another money making
opportunity and only restricting growth and accessibility online globally as
a result.


Totally disgusting and as the governing body for this, your one key role is
to avoid this sort of disgraceful act happening in the first place, not be
the culprit or a clear party to such an act.


These sort of acts will drive the web into the ground, go against the whole
purpose of what the web stands for and drive uproar and acts that would see
governing bodies targeted, if not at a government level questioned for acts
of inflation beyond justifiable grounds.


I for one would like to see this proposal retracted, public inclusion in all
decisions going forward, greater transparency of every agreement no matter
the scale, very much like any government, your role is simple but not to
take financial rewards to allow for inflated gains for others.


To quote: "The idea is that Internet governance should mimic the structure
of the Internet itself- borderless and open to all.", this act will be the
complete opposite of your own values.


If money is the driver, just like SSL encryption has done to help make the
web a better and safer place, lets look at open source opportunities for
domain management, ownership and governance instead of supporting those out
to control and just financially gain through such process and acts.


Through open source means to govern the web and the TLD's and its
registrars, millions of contributors bought into each decision of the global
web, its standards, domain management, instead of a select few willing to
take a payoff and claim it's in the interest of the WWW.


As you can gather I am not best pleased to hear this news nor that ICANN are
at the heart of this $20 million dollar payoff.


Retract, publicly announce and move forward!


My piece here is said, publicly I will begin awareness as this is just down
right disgusting.



Steven Willett.

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