[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Against ICANN contract with Verisign

TKNui tahunga at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:54:01 UTC 2020

I have been informed that you have made the decision to make very
significant changes to the contract that you have with Verisign, operating
the TDL .COM.
These changes were made without any prior information and any consultation
with the outsourcing community of your ICANN organization, or the Internet
community in general.
We are rising to your decision to give Verisign a great deal of freedom to
dispose of the granting of .COm names and to establish pricing at its sole
discretion. This will necessarily harm our business and risk bankruptcy for
those who have more than one .COM domain name.
I would be grateful if you could review your decision and take into account
the entire community working on the development of an Internet accessible
to all. You are the guarantor of the freedom of enterprise on the web so we
ask you to take into account the demands of all in favor of controlling the
market for domain names outside the control of all private organizations
without morality.
Thank you for your concern and receive the expression of our respect.

Guillaume Taimana
Member of namecheap.com

O Tahuŋa Korero Nui
E tu ki ruŋa Tahua Manu, maŋaro vai Punau tāmarū no te toa, heruri Tama Nui
ko vai te utu ki One Kura, mātakutaku e kaore e maraŋai
Takahī te toa ki ruŋa ki te ata reva, poroporo e poro ki te marama a toki
ki te mārako e te tikahaŋa kaito no te uki hou.. a tu, a hipa, kākaro!
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