[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .Com Will Become Obsolete With Price Increases.

Stefania Aronin thisisnala at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:24:36 UTC 2020

To whom it may concern,

Think twice before you decide to raise the price.
Those who can't afford it will have no problem making the change to a less
expensive option.

While you think you're doing the right thing, you will only ostracize the
part of your consumer base who falls into a mid-to-lower tier economic
status. Those who *can* afford it will be tempted to jump ship once the
trend of lower costing domains become a social norm.

The world doesn't rely on ".com" anymore and they certainly won't be
hesitant to change if you decide to place pressure on your loyal, paying

The young tech entrepreneurs will find a way around this. Don't be a
dinosaur in the modern world.
Stefania Aronin
Soundcloud.com/thisisnala <https://soundcloud.com/thisisnala>
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