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Mike Thompson thompson.aes at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 00:14:37 UTC 2020

Dear Madam, or Sir,

  I am very concerned about this amendment to the Registry Agreement
because it will affect the everyday man and not the corporations. The small
business, the guy who buys and uses a few domains are the ones affected,
corporations...nah. As per usual, theses type of changes make the rich
richer and poor poorer.

You will be eliminating an opportunity for the lower to middle class folks
that might need the domain for their own small business, or to even collect
a dozen or so names in the hope that one or two grow in value.

Who it will not impact are the big guns, the money people, the
rich....you know, the ones who have the funds to invest and turn every
dollar into 2 or way more.

Find a way to protect small businesses, small domain owners and ok, but
what you will create is not like what is being created across the board...the
elimination of opportunity for the less well off as they sit and watch the
rich get richer.

We should get Nancy Pelosi involved!!


Mike Thompson

Global Soccer

(919) 414.2540 cell

mike at globalsoccer.com

Mike Thompson
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