[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comment against Amendment 3

Toriningen Gamemaker toriningengames at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:30:20 UTC 2020

 To whom it may concern,

Amendment 3 is a terrible idea with no justification for its existence.
After all, you have provided none. Nor was this deal made with any input;
not from the government, not from registrars, not from computer science or
economic experts, and not from domain name owners, who are most affected by
this change. The internet is supposed to be a bastion of free speech; this
is killed if you raise prices arbitrarily high, as this agreement allows
and encourages. High pricing makes it economically infeasable for the
majority of people to maintain their own website. You are supposed to
monitor the market and keep competition fair, to allow prices and
agreements to the benefit of everyone, not price gouge for money to be used
for arbitrary purposes (We don't get to see your yearly budget, so how are
you supposed to be held accountable that the $30 million Verisign is paying
you is actually going to infrastructure costs?)

Also, why one company in particular? Why have an agreement to give one body
total pricing control over a product, and allow them to sell that same
product? With this amendment, Verisign has an unfair advantage in the
market, exactly the sort of situation the ICANN exists to prevent! How can
something so blatantly biased be drafted and passed about such an unbiased
medium? Ah, yes, the deal was made behind closed doors. Historically,
closed door deals do not benefit the majority: deals made publically have
the opportunity to be refined by the experts at large before they are
finalized. Whether out of maliciousness or sheer incompetence, closed door
deals are a bad idea.

So, how about you discard this amendment, and try again?
Thank you for taking your time with this message.

Domain name owner,
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