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Chase Baer xochipelli at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:31:25 UTC 2020

I feel this proposed fee hike for .com domain price increases violates the
public interest and serves only Verisign.

I can see why Verisign is concerned for profit margins considering they had
overcharged for YEARS  with inflated certificate signing and stifled public
protections for privacy and security innovations.

Conservatively I personally may have as little as 15-20 domains at any
given time. Many friends and associates have many more. 30 to 50% of those
domains are .com. Only through dedicated application, focus, testing and
research can worthy domains be cultivated and monetized. A lot of time and
energy goes into making a domain and business idea profitable. It is a
chaotic process and there are no crystal balls.

There are a lot of prevalent practices that we struggle with. But to hike
domain fees only serves to kill innovation and prevent digital
entrepreneurs like myself and others like my associates from successfully
participating. All those costs add up real quick and provide a very real
barrier to entry.

We are only beginning to enter the era of the global digital entrepreneur.
We need to be making it easier not harder. If Verisign can't find ways to
value-add rather than take advantage of people - they deserve to file
Chapter 11.

STOP gouging consumers and the people who are working hard every day to
make innovation happen!
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