[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comment in Disfavor of Price Increase

Josh Hoffer jhoffer at sansorgan.es
Tue Feb 11 22:18:20 UTC 2020

The proposed price increase of the .COM registry is unnecessary and
greedy move by ICANN. The cost of facilitating a registry, in this case
by Verisign, has never been cheaper on a per domain basis. Therefore there is no
satisfactory reason that a non-profit organization would increase costs
towards the very people it is intended to serve.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that these comments will even be considered
and at worse they will simply be called 'spam'. So we must hope that
eventually investigations into this and the related .ORG scandal will
bring the individuals responsible for this greed and misconduct to
the eye of the law and the public.

Not only is this comment against the proposed price increases, it is also against ICANN control of the DNS root zone and any other aspects of the internet at large.

Thank you.

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