[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com price increases

Brandon A. English benglishtea at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 03:53:28 UTC 2020

I'm writing this to express my dissatisfaction at the news involving
ICANN's decision to not only drastically increase the prices for .com
registrations, but also for the obviously greedy deals being struck for
millions of dollars without any accountability whatsoever.

It's already ridiculous enough that that the price is where it's at, just
to register ownership of a simple website address. The fact that other
domain extensions are almost astronomical in price is even crazier.
However, increasing .com registrations, which make up nearly half of all
domains, is nothing short of greed as it is both unnecessary and useless
for everyone -- except the greedy pockets of those who don't have to do
anything apart from collect the overpriced fees.

If you keep pushing people then they will demand more intervention, which
would bring about more legislative or even legal actions. Is this what
you're trying to accomplish?

Get off the side of greed for once and be an organization for the people.
Self-serving, greedy systems like this are outdated and need to expire.

Thanks for your time.

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