[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

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Wed Feb 12 06:14:18 UTC 2020

Hi there

I too am a registrant of a .com domain name.

I am against the proposed price increase to .COM domains because I sincerely believe that it is unfair and a money earning scheme by Verisign want increases in .COM prices.

The current rate of $7.85 is already far more than justified and fair given the many millions of holders of a .com address and the monies earned from that.  Such an increase will not only drive small businesses out but also make them look for other alternatives and given the power of the people in bringing those to answer in recent media, I am sure the same power will be able to come up with an alternative if pushed which will go against Verisign and ICANN.

Verisign is merely manages the .COM Registry – why is it dictating the price other than for its own gain?  For what purpose and how can it justify this for small businesses and individuals?

ICANN is supposed to govern the domain name system in the public interest, why is it not doing so?  Please do the right thing by us!


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