[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Does not make sense

Aj chatvenue at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 09:23:17 UTC 2020


I own and control about 10 .com domains.

I am an IT professional. With the prices for IT resources dropping so fast,
it does not make sense to increase the cost to have a database entry made
to track a registered domain.

Unless of course the only reason is to increase profit (when profit should
already be increasing with the above mentioned reduction in costs incurred)
in a drastic manner and disregard the internet community as a whole.

If you look at all other IT industries where there are competitors, the
prices tend to continually decrease over time, or the resources offered for
the same prices tend to increase. It's unfortunate that there is a monopoly
on .com registration so this becomes a captive market.

If this goes thru I will unfortunately be put in a position to send in
complaints to the various regulators which control various aspects of the
Internet or the organisations which are using the Internet. This of course
includes Verizon and ICANN. This will probably involve the various EU
organisations which are concerned with competition and other consumer
matters, since the US government does not seem to be so interested in this,
EU or other big governments will hopefully take an interest in such matters.


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