[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] opposed to Amendment 3

Daniel Kehoe daniel at danielkehoe.com
Wed Feb 12 09:23:52 UTC 2020

I’m opposed to the proposed amendment No. 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement.

I’ve contributed to the development of the Worldwide Web since 1991 as a
software developer and journalist and I’ve owned domain names since 1994.
The Internet has become a major force in global society based on a model of
non-governmental, non-commercial governance of key protocols and supporting

Amendment 3 is a massive step away from the established (and successful)
governance of the Internet toward a system that provides exclusive benefit
to limited commercial stakeholders. It is inappropriate for ICANN as
stewards of the domain name system to provide favorable commercial terms to
Verisign. The close relationship between Verisign and ICANN invites
corruption and abuse of stewardship.

Increases in .COM fees that benefit Verisign’s shareholders are unhealthy
for the larger Internet community and violate the principles on which the
Internet was established.

  Daniel Kehoe
  daniel at danielkehoe.com
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