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ICCAN and VeriSign  shouldn't make changes in secrete without stake holder
participation or without consultation from other service providers like
namecheap and other agencies.These changes are going to affect alot of
businesses especially upcoming entrepreneurs who ran small personal
businesses online with little capital for as low as $70 per month.ICCAN and
VeriSign should have conducted a research from different countries
especially Africa where the economy is not fast growing. ICCAN should have
used economics of scale of different countries before making
changes.Business is not about making huge profits but it's about customer
satisfaction and flexibility interms of financial benefits. Should ICCAN
and VeriSign  go ahead making changes,Thousands of businesses online will
lose revenue and the people will lose confidence and trust in ICCAN and
VeriSign. Secondly Making such changes will also increase level of
unemployment in other countries because lots of young generation from
University collevels or even those who never had chance to attend   college
because of financial challenges are doing small businesses online such as
digital marketing and advertising services.Most importantly ICCAN and
VeriSign may also lose business because of unfair changes or prices without
consultation from expert's
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