[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Don’t do it!

Mary Rudolph mrudolph998 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 13:41:04 UTC 2020

Hi, I’m a small business owner, and when I say small, I mean SMALL! If
prices go up on these domain names then I’m toast and I can simply say
goodby to my spot in the internet at this point.
I don’t own my e-commerce business for myself, it’s a platform for my
father and my sister to sell their sculptures and earthenware ceramics.
Is MONEY really more important to you than MILLIONS OF PEOPLE?? Living
breathing working people.
Verisign doesn’t own you, they may sponsor you a great deal, but they don’t
own you. You can do better than this. There must be another option that has
a better load for all parties involved, and that includes the consumers.
Small pricing changes are acceptable, normal even. But the price increases
that this would incur in the next year and especially within the next 6-10
years would be outlandish.

Thank You for taking my point of view into consideration.


Mary Murphy
RudySculpt Fine Art
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