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sommer fanney sfanney at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 14:39:23 UTC 2020

It is important to know the purpose behind these proposed changes,
including the reasoning behind ICANN's receiving of $20 million extra funds
from Verisign. How would the $20 million be used to support the stability
and security of the domain name system, and why is this amount of money
needed to do so? Do we have evidence that the domain name system's
stability and security is at risk? Additionally, it would be unhealthy for
the domain name market, as well as the integrity of the internet, for
Verisign to act as a reseller of .COM domains. It is vital that the
internet use remain fair, and price increases could skew the use of the
internet as a platform towards increasingly wealthy people. This could
change what kinds of information is shared, and how. The wider access
people have to using the internet as a platform, the better off it, as well
as we, will be.
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