[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] NO to Price Gouging!!

K | O katerion at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 12 14:49:29 UTC 2020

Dear ICANN humans,
I beseech you to please consider humanity, consider right versus wrong, and to choose the right path moving forward. I beseech you NOT to increase prices for domain names by increasing .COM prices. This would be a vile act that would truly cement the capitalist oligarchy in its throne. If this is your goal, however, then I wish you luck when you and your greed die, only to be met with a more eternal fate of regret and rot as you turn restlessly in your grave when you consider what you've done to humanity. And as I don't believe this is your intention (to support the capitalist oligarchy), I am sure you will do the right thing and secure/ensure fair prices for humans to access reasonably priced domains all around the world.
Thank you for your consideration,
A human who cares about other humans, a human who believes in the notions of "justice" and "democracy"

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