[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Do not raise prices you greedy corrupt assholes

beachfront720 at yahoo.com beachfront720 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 12 15:09:33 UTC 2020

You're a bunch of hustlers and scammers. Running a database is not that 
difficult. Internet registration should be done solely as a .org/non-profit 
basis. It should cost end users close to nothing to register a domain. The 
amount of money  you are making is appalling. Fuck you and Verisign. They 
and icann are a wasteful, bloated administrative entity that should not 
even exist. It is absolutely pointless for Verisign to be allowed 
stewardship of the .com domain when they have no competition. You have a 
fostered an evil monopoly and we all know you love this corrupt system. 
Fuck all of you. Your organizations are un-American and counterintuitive to 
everything our system of commerce stands for. You're a bunch of fucking 
greedy jagoffs. Fuck your families and the entitled little shits you're 
creating. You're breeding greed and corruption. You contribute nothing. 
You've allowed systems to perpetuate that scam people out of money with 
things such as "privacy protection." Indeed, "Simply give us more money and 
we'll protect your privacy!" Really? Then why the fuck are you exposing 
people's information in the first place, you greedy little motherfuckers? 
Fuck all of you. You're no better than the mafia, shaking hard working 
people down for money by creating the very problems you claim to solve. 
You're absolutely disgusting and your business models are shameful. May you 
all burn in hell for eternity for the endless rape of the good people and 
entities who actually contribute to the internet community.

Christopher Thompson
Chicago, IL
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