[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Opposing .com price increase

Hubster info at hubster.app
Wed Feb 12 17:29:03 UTC 2020


I believe this new initiative to increase prices on .com TDL is 
disastrous for the domain owners and very clearly Verisign Inc.

I operate several hundred domains on behalf of my clients and I can say 
without hesitation that most .com domain owners will simply move away 
from .com TDL.  That will cost Verisign Inc.'s revenue potential as well 
as sending a wrong message to generations to come.

If there is a clear reason for such increase in price at the rate being 
discussed, I believe consumers have the right to know why and what for.

$20 million being funded to ICANN also doesn't explain anything about 
what the ICANN is planning to do with the fund.

This initiative is being seen with great skepticism from consumers world 
wide and .com domain operators, just because of the lack of 
transparency.  Without it, there will be significant backlash and lack 
of trust in the future.  There will be no reasons anymore to buy .com 
domains, since there are plenty others available.



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