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Valentina valentinazinc at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 20:07:40 UTC 2020


I’m writing this email to express my opinion regarding the decision of increasing the price for the .com domains over the next decade.

I acknowledge that every company has the right to set its own prices and every company wishes to increase their profits, and that’s totally fine.

However, the decision of increasing the price for the .com domains is something that affects countless companies, organizations, and businesses that already exist or that are about to come. So, in this case, it makes sense to listen to what these people have to say before making this change of price.

I’m one of the people who administer a .com domain (fantasybooksland.com), so I’d like to point out that, nowadays, companies aren’t concerned only with the profits; they care about their reputation and impact on the world as well, and I believe that you are one of them.

Increasing the prices for the .com domains may bring more profits for a while, but there’s no guarantee that it will continue to do so forever. Small business (including me) will definitely move to cheaper domains and that trend will soon catch on until the .com domains will no longer be seen as the best option for a new website, but “the ridiculously expensive” option.

Do please think again about your decision to increase the price for the .com domains. In the long run, this change will bring more disadvantages than advantages for both of us, the small businesses, and your company.

Thank you for reading my email. 

Valentina Zinculescu

Contributor to fantasybooksland.com

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