[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comment on .com increase

Christopher LCP Mendes chris at 2leaf.com
Thu Feb 13 03:57:22 UTC 2020


I am writing to you as the owner of a web development company and domain
name reseller based in Sacramento, California which represents roughly 200
clients. I am writing to express my protest to the proposed amendment,
which I and others consider against the public interest.

The increased .com domain costs will increase the barrier our customers
have in starting and maintaining their businesses/websites. It will cause
all registrars, who already make so little, to be even more competitive in
pricing and cut those margins even more. In the cases we cannot cut those
margins, we will be forced to increase the costs to our customers, the ones
who will ultimately pay (both literally and figuratively) if this
amendment is passed.

And who is to gain by passing this amendment? It seems obvious to me that
the amendment will pass as there is money to be made by a select few
individuals in powerful positions. But I hope you consider your
stakeholders, the average Internet users and small business owners, when
reviewing this amendment. Either way, I would like to publicly express my
displeasure with the proposed amendment.

Thank you for listening.

Christopher LCP Mendes, Managing Director, 2Leaf Inc; Co-owner, Namebark.com
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