[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Increase in Fees

Ryan Underwood ryan at teamtri.com
Thu Feb 13 05:31:34 UTC 2020

We hold a number of .com domains and are writing to express our desire that
rates on these and other domains remain steady and certainly not increase
7%.  This increase will have a negative impact on nonprofit, school, and
community organizations.  


The new tax code is already challenging funding support with the treatment
of deductions for donations to organizations.  While the .com extension is
designed for businesses, smart nonprofits realize they are a business and
have a brand to protect.  While they may use a .ORG address as a nonprofit,
digital strategy tells you to buy up similar domains like .COM, .CO, .INFO
to help insulate and prevent spoofing and cyber-harassment and brand
confusion.   Increases to domain names cost nonprofits considerably just to
protect themselves and their constituents from imposters. 


Please help keep .COM pricing steady and do not raise these rates.


Thank you for your time!




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