[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] As a reseller: price increases on .COM names are an extra whammy

Ben Braman datatap at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 06:49:36 UTC 2020


I am a domain name reseller to average joe end-users and the proposed price
increase schedule and percentages are going to squeeze the smaller
resellers like myself who already have very thin margins in order to
compete with the big box registrars. Small resellers provide superior
customer service and target niche use cases for domain names. Small
resellers are also helpful to people who are not very internet savvy and
appreciate familiar support relationships that are on a first name basis.
If I pass on price increases, many customers will drop their back-shelf
names or transfer to larger registrars who's large scale and extensive
up-sell opportunities allows them to absorb price increases.

Price increases are also unfair for lower income individuals who can not
afford to plan ahead and renew their domain for 10 years at the lower rates
before an increase.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ben Braman in Tucson, AZ
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