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Thomas Anderson me at thomasanderson.cloud
Thu Feb 13 12:54:17 UTC 2020

ICANN's decisions recently have proved its comprehensive inability to perform its vital function regarding domain registration. By selling .org to a for-profit firm with no price cap, ICANN has already endangered millions of non-profits for decades to come.

Now ICANN decides that, despite administration costs for registrars decreasing due to automation and cheaper infrastructure, the price ceiling on the .com domain should be lifted as well, allowing a 7% price increase in each of the last 4 years of every 6 year period, AND increases the other 2 years if VeriSign decides it wants more money. This is CLEARLY a back-door deal to line the pockets of VeriSign and ICANN. Bribery, pure and simple. Unless you have another explanation? We would all fucking LOVE to hear it. Remember when transparency used to matter?

What was once a critical check in the domain registration hierarchy is now a powerful goose that sells the ability to lay golden eggs to other, already greedy and bloated geese. The behavior of the board and of the organization is deplorable, and you should ALL be disgusted with yourselves. Even though you will NEVER actually read this email. SIX out of the THREE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN community comments agreed with selling .org, while THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO (keep in mind, that is 98.1% of respondents) commented against the motion.

And yet, ICANN goes through with the deal with no explanation, and no care for the global community; its only care seems to be its ability to buy a new solid gold margarita bar inside of its diamond-encrusted swimming pool, and allow its other rich friends to do the same.

Fuck you, fuck your decisions, and fuck your greedy board. Instead of protecting the world's most valuable asset, you are purposefully continuing the destruction of a free and open internet, accessible and usable by all.

You should be positively ashamed of your actions, though you've already proved you are incapable of that.

A normal guy who you keep trying to fuck over.
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