[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] I am against the proposed amendments to the .COM registrar agreement with Verisign

Marie Metelnick marie.metelnick at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 19:35:22 UTC 2020

I have very real issues with the changes being proposed to ICANN's deal
with Verisign.

First - the price increases allowed in this proposal over the next 10 years
are exorbitant, and will do a lot to discourage buying of new and old

Second - You are giving pricing control over .COM domains to Verisign, who
can also act as a domain registrar. This gives them a  unique advantage
over all other domain registrars, and is against every principle of a fair
marketplace I can think of.

Third - Why are you getting $20million from Verisign?  What is that being
used for?  Seems like you have just auctioned off the .COM business to the
highest bidder, without having any kind of open transactions. It looks very
shady and unethical from the outside.

In the past, when you have had an open comment period, you have just
decided to ignore any comments critical to your proposals. I strongly
suggest that you take public commentary into account. ICANN only remains
independent as long as governments allow it to be. Rampant corruption and
bad business practice, accompanied by public outcry, will eventually
attract government oversight of ICANN, and in a worst-case scenario,
dissolution of the body completely.  Acting in good faith now would go far
to stave off any of that kind of action.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Metelnick
Indiana, USA
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