[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] ICANN Greed

David Ball tdball56 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 14 06:37:44 UTC 2020

As the leaser (no one can own anything anymore) of domain names. If I 
don't pay my taxes and in this case, my ransom, my domain name is taken 

With no input to the original decisions made, I can only submit my serfs 
opinion to the king (ICANN/VERISIGN).Please consider the impact of this 
amendment and the effect to will have on the other serfs under the rule 
of the king.

As always, I know this will fall on deaf ears and the king will bid his 
will on the serfs as it has been throughout the ages. But I ask again to 
please reconsider the impact this will have on people that don't have 
the means to afford the rising costs of domains. I am currently in 
Africa, where in this country, the largest economy in Africa, the 
average wage is $2-3US a day - if one can find work. Yet, there are many 
here that have a dream of owning a business. I ask you how can someone 
in this position ever hope to achieve their hopes and dreams with the 
continued rising costs that further separate the have's from the have not's?

Please do the right thing for at least once in your life and consider 
others, not just yourselves and what you have to gain. Consider what 
others have to loose.

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