[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] TYPICAL SCALPING

Wizard info at wiper-wizard.com
Fri Feb 14 08:38:24 UTC 2020

This planned renewal hike is absolutely TYPICAL of everything USA. They set
up long-term extortion rackets to grab every cent the world has to offer.
USA is becoming a PARIAH NATION. The urls I register, I paid for, I invented
and I keep funding just to leave on a register for my own purposes where
THERE ARE ZERO ACTUAL COST even slightly justifiable. Then the damned USA
parasites rip everyone off again each passing year. Money for jam. This
latest massive registration price hike is a SCAM and CANNOT be justified in
any way. The entire Icann system would easily be profitable at even $5.00
per url every year. Millions of repeat fees every year for free IS A GIFT.
Icann now stinks about as badly as the Amazon rip off system where worldwide
online USA monopolies force foreign buyers to pay USA taxes on remote,
non-USA sales. THIS IS WRONG & IS THEFT BY USA. ALL USA monopolies are
working an extortion racket against other nations AND THIS NEEDS TO BE
STOPPED.We all know the entire decision about increasing USA extortion will
be determined by USA people alone, so we all know these extra extortion fees
WILL BE STOLEN WITHOUT BENEFIT, from all domain owning victims. 

I just wish the guy that invented the Internet had had the sense to hang
onto the title deeds so grasping bums could be slapped inline.


Had enough of this vast corruption and cash theft called America.


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