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Bill Root BillRoot at pobox.com
Fri Feb 14 16:31:20 UTC 2020



I am very disturbed that ICANN once again plans to increase prices (or 
allow increasing prices) on domain registration.

Virtually all technology decreases in price over time largely because 
the costs decrease.  Computers cost less.  Cell phones and smart phones 
(for equivalent features) cost less.  Software costs less.  Web hosting 
costs less.

What justification can you give for allowing the price of domain 
registration to increase?  Domain registration isn't a one-time cost, 
it's an ongoing cost.  I have a very small software business whose 
income has declined partly because of the perceived decline in value of 
computer software.  In order to maintain the business I have to renew my 
domains, which are all variations on the company name (no speculation 
here), annually.

Why do you want to make it more expensive to do business on the internet 
when the costs are declining?  A potential 70% increase over 10 years is 
significant and is well above inflation.

Based on ICANN's actions -- increasing domain registration prices in 
exchange for money going directly to ICANN, making deals in secret, 
ignoring public comments -- it's impossible to have a good opinion of 
your organization.  It looks like ICANN is taking money from small 
businesses (indirectly, granted) and using it for their own benefit.

Please stop this deal.

Bill Root

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