[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] .com amendment

Denise Yennie djyennie at charter.net
Fri Feb 14 20:51:30 UTC 2020



I don't usually take time to comment on very many issues, but this one
needed my attention. That ICANN and Verisign are proposing increasing the
cost of .COM domain names to ridiculous amounts, but that they are doing so
in a bullying, secretive, monopolistic way is even worse. 


The .COM domain extension is truly the most known and has value for every
business. I strive to get these TLDs for my and my client's businesses.
Raising .COM prices and allowing bad actors (players that are squatting on
perfectly good and usable .COM domains) significantly hinders all internet
users from creating the next generation of great brands and expressing their
voices on their own platforms.


Please do not allow ICANN and Verisign to proceed with their proposal.


Respectfully submitted, Denise Yennie

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