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I don’t understand what ICANN is trying to do with the agreement with Verisign but to put the screws to the consumers.  Why should the small business person have to pay back the $20 Million you get from Verisign by them being able to increase prices for the .com domains?  Haven’t we got enough problems with the big conglomerates like Verizon and Spectrum, Apple and Google, etc. price gouging, forcing all poor individuals and all poor small business owners who can barely pay me just $25 to build a page on a website?  They’re gouge by Google for SSL, Apple invades phones to affect how they work so we think we have to buy another phone, Verizon and Spectrum constantly increase their rates.  And now we are going to have just more greedy people with $20 Million dollars to buy your unethical services so you can cater to them?

This is exactly what’s wrong with America and the world.  Greed.  You don’t care about safety and security.  It’s all about the money.  And I bet there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about it but to cut prices elsewhere!

Shame on you!  STOP THIS NONSENSE WITH AMENDMENT 3! The prices are too high as they are!
Tina Whittimore, owner 
Tri-Cities Web Solutions

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