[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement

Phil Buckingham phil at dotadvice.co.uk
Fri Feb 14 23:19:38 UTC 2020

My name is Phil Buckingham . I have been involved in the Domain industry before ICANN was formed . 
I have been a voluntary participant on numerous PDPs , spending hundreds hundreds of hours of my own free personal non chargeable time contributing my huge knowledge and experiences in ICANN’ s multistakeholder , bottom up , PDP model. 
 ICANN’ s mission , its bylaws is to operate in the global public interest . One other huge responsibility it has to its empowered multistakeholder community - that is everyone around the world who owns a domain name , is to promote innovation , competition , consumer trust , consumer choice . 
It launched Round 1 of new gTLD registries in 2012 to do just that - to stop , reduce the total monopoly that Verisign controls , through its Registry agreement with ICANN . ICANN has totally failed its mission regarding these new TLD Registries . It has only  further enhanced and increased registrations of .com and its monopoly . 
It is a totally insulting to its hard working volunteer multistakeholder community to allow these prices rises      , that will undoubtedly be passed onto 135 million . Com registrants . 
These price rises just go straight to Verisign bottom line , already a 9.5 BILLION valued company . 
I understand that Verisign has offered a mere 20million dollars BACK to ICANN as part of the deal . 
This is totally  totally unacceptable to ICANN ‘s  multistakeholder community . 
Phil Buckingham 

Phil Buckingham 
Eastbourne, England United Kingdom

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