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In 2016£¬ISOC published its report "Internet Governance ¨C Why the Multistakeholder Approach Works¡±.  I think It is very helpful to the discussion of evolving multistakeholder model.
In the report£¬ ISOC emphasised that the effectiveness is most important for the  multistakeholder decision-making.

ISOC also developed four attributes of successful multistakeholder decision-making to guide the next phase of its evolution:
1.inclusiveness and transparency;
2.collective responsibility;
3.effective decision-making and implementation; 4.collaboration through distributed and interoperable governance.

We can use these for the issues of evolving MSM£º

**inclusiveness and transparency

8. ISSUE: Inclusiveness
11. ISSUE: Accountability
12. ISSUE: Transparency
6. ISSUE: Recruitment
7. ISSUE: Representativeness

**collective responsibility

9. ISSUE: Consensus
15. ISSUE: Roles and Responsibilities

**effective decision-making and implementation

1. ISSUE:  Timing of decision-making: Our processes take too long
2. ISSUE: Complexity
4. ISSUE: Prioritization of Work
5. ISSUE: Demographics
10. ISSUE: Precision in Scoping the Work
13. ISSUE: Costs
16. ISSUE: Efficient Use of Resources
17. ISSUE: Volunteer Burnout
18. ISSUE: Silos
19. ISSUE: Work Processes
21. ISSUE: Terms

**collaboration through distributed and interoperable governance

3. ISSUE: Culture
14. ISSUE: Trust
20. ISSUE: Holistic view of ICANN

The multistakeholder approach is a toolbox, a way of doing things that can be used anywhere, from solving a specific problem or to helping an institution evolve; not a a single model or ¡®all or nothing¡¯ solution. In reality there is no single model that works everywhere or for every issue.
The multistakeholder approach must adapt to meet new challenges and develop a framework for ongoing improvement.

New Issue£º
For Evolving MSM£¬we need some metrics to evaluate how much we improve to bridge the gap between the reality and the ideal. And the ¡°evoled¡± MSM should set up a mechanism of bringing new blood into it.

Liu Yue
A Researcher of Internet Governance

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